# the truth matters

As Avon Grove School Board Directors, Jeff and Tracy have been highly productive, future-oriented, and  fiscally responsible stewards of taxpayer money. These are not mutally exclusive goals and the accomplishments realized by the District during Jeff and Tracy's service are testaments to this truth.
Consolidated employee health care to a single, high-deductible plan realizing savings of $400,000 - $500,000 in the 2019/20 budget

Negotiated 2017-2022 teacher contract at an average cost of 2.2% per year vs. the 2.8% per year contract negotiated by the former administration

AGSD administrative costs are the lowest in Chester County

Cost neutral addition of four mental health professionals and a full-time guidance counselor

Restored 9th grade sports

Implemented Full Day Kindergarten in 2017, program paid for itself in 2 years!

Provided Chromebooks for students in grades 6-12
Completed substantial saftey upgrades to entrances at all schools

Engaged safety consultant and performed a district wide threat assessment

The framework has been built for the district to proceed with a long-term, districtwide safety/preparedness plan starting in 2019-2020
Restored the Senior Tax Rebate Program offering savings up to $500 per year

Implemented Senior Discount Gold Card Program providing access to all paid District events for free (sports, concerts, plays)

Increased engagement with area seniors through communication outreach

and special events
Part of a 9-0 unanimous vote to build a new high school and convert the current high school into a 6th-8th grade middle school

Evaluated all options to solve facilties issues and supported a comprehensive, long-term plan to solve overcrowding at ALL district schools, including removal of all modular classrooms, many of which have been in use for 15+ years at an annual cost to the District of approximately $300,000
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