# the truth matters

AGSD has the 2nd lowest spending per student in Chester County.​​

AGSD has the lowest  administration costs in Chester County. 

AGSD is one of only 3 districts in Chester County to spend less than average
per student AND achieve above average state test scores.

AGSD has the 5th lowest tax history in Chester County over the last 10 years. 
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# the truth matters

$127mm is the budget for the total facilities project. It is NOT a defined project cost

The current Board voted unanimously to build a new high school, realign the grade levels, and refurbish the 
current high school into a functional middle school

The unanimous vote affirms recognition by the Board that current facilities are not adequate to meet the long term needs of the District

The current high school is approximately 450 students over capacity even with the use of the modular classrooms that have been on site for 15 years

The District secured its position to receive reimbursement from the state of Pennsylvania PlannConn program for between $10 and $13 million
Current interest rates remain at near historic low levels offering an unprecedented opportunity to build a long-lasting, generational solution to District facilities needs
These decisions and actions resulted from information and conclusions developed after a nearly 2 year process, run by industry experts, to assess current facilities and identify the most cost effective options to manage District facilities needs for the next 35 years
VOTE! NOV. 5, 2019